Domestic installations


The householders wanted “good quality music everywhere”.

A five-room multi-room install – all sounds can be controlled via phone.

"Paul and Martin are music lovers and they create systems to allow their clients to enjoy music to the max….

What they brought to our home and lives has changed how we listen and how we live.

The Bose Sound System with its individual units means we can connect our rooms, or have bespoke music by room. We have become heavy users of internet radio from Radio Barranquilla from Columbia, to K-Pig,from California as well as the instant Deezer library. The magnificant sound from the connected Bose soundbar means that watching opera on TV is transformed, as well as creating a huge and stunning sound in our largest room for all the music we play.

Yes, Bose has the system, but Paul and Martin brought their understanding, invention and technical know-how to make it work in our home.

We absolutely love how we can have music to suit our moods, wherever and whenever we want. Not sure that we really anticipated what they would create for us would be such a game-changer – so a BIG thank you.”

p.s. They are are also two of the nicest guys you could wish to meet.
p.p.s no money passed anyone’s hands in writing this testimonial!
Domestic multiroom install
John and Ann-Marie Siddall