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Ortofon 2M Red

Elliptical diamond cartridge
Ortofon 2M Red cartridge

A classic all purpose best seller. A great upgrade.

Audio Technica AT-VM95E

Elliptical stereo cartridge

A good entry level moving magnet cartridge.

Replacement stylus and cartridges

Paul Roberts Hi-Fi stock Audio Technica and Ortofon cartridges for home/hi-fi and DJ use. We have products to suit all budgets but do not sell very cheap stylus which will damage your vinyl!

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DJ Stylus and Cartridges

Paul Roberts HiFi are Ortofon HiFi and DJ dealers. Call in to see the Concorde, Mix and Scratch.


When should I replace my stylus or cartridge?

Maybe more often than you think. Wear and tear will happen over time. An average lifespan is 1000 hours but different manufacturers will recommend different timing on varying products.

You can tell for yourself:

  • Do you records still sound crisp? Do they sound fuzzy or distorted?
  • Does the needle jump or skip on clean vinyl?
  • Is the stylus crooked? A misshapen stylus may even damage your vinyl

Always replace on your stylus on a second-hand turntable.

We can help! Call into the store and we can check your stylus with a computer microscope and see if it worn.

Do I replace the stylus or the cartridge?

Some turntables have tonearms that allow the whole cartridge to be replaced. You may be able to replace just the stylus, or you may need to replace for a whole cartridge. A cartridge with normal use should last for a few years.

Can I upgrade my sound quality with a better stylus?

Yes. Some cartridges allow a range of stylus to be fitted. But if you want a significant overall sounds quality upgrade  a new cartridge may be the best way. Talk to Paul or Martin in-store for more advice.

Can I use X stylus with Y cartridge?

Check the product manual or manufacturer’s website or contact us or pop into the store and we can advise.

I'm confused over the types of stylus. Help!

There are two main stylus shapes:  Conical and elliptical. Elliptical stylus offer a better frequency response as they touch the vinyl across a larger area of the groove but may have a shorter lifespan than conical. Conical stylus are usually more affordable.

I'm confused over the types of cartridge. Help!

The two main types are moving-coil and moving magnet. Most turntables are compatible with only one or the other cartridge type. Moving magnet is the most common type and is are compatible with most systems and often just the stylus rather than the full cartridge can be replaced. Many of Audio Technica cartridges allow for an a better quality stylus to be used in a cartridge.

A moving coil will give a brighter and best overall sound to most ears (although this is subjective!) Prices start from around £200.

If you are unsure what product you need place speak to Paul or Martin in store.

Can I see your stock range?

Visit our online store to see some of our product range. For a full stocklist please call in store or contact us.

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